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Trade 5) CAD / CHF 20 K lot closed 146 pips profit


      Trade entered on the daily as per  DNC – Donchian channel rule, a nice trade, having 100k lot open on this , Entry on 19th August as Trade 5 , the market moved in favor,  allowing 146 ... Read More »

Trade 7 Closed – Euro / AUD 268 pips profit


Trade for the Euro / AUD  ( European Single Currency against the Australian Dollar), opening strategy was based on  DNC – Donchian channel rules on the 1 hour . Price was heading down,  I had wanted to lock in all ... Read More »

TRADE 5 – Closed 80 k lots with £1000 profit on 181 pips


Friday evening 6 pm  GMT,  I  did not want to close all the trades. However wanted to lock in some profit , no matter how basic it is . After all here in make money. I can always re enter ... Read More »

Trade 8 US $ JPN Long DNC Strategy on the 4 hour


After analyzing the charts, and using some basic fundamental details, also monitoring the strategy of Donchian channel DNC ,  kicked in a trade for United States Dollar , long against the Japanese Yen. 26th July 2013, the daily chart gave ... Read More »

Trade 7 Update Euro / Aud ” 110 pips locked in”


22nd August 2013 I had entered this trade European Single Currency long against the Australian Dollar, Euro / AUD on the 1 hour chart 19th August 2013 at 7 pm  , as the daily chart still showed an open Buy ... Read More »

TRADE 7 Update Euro / Aud 195 pips profit


The trade European single currency against the Australian Dollar Euro / AUD $ opened on the 19th August on the 1 hour using  DNC  Donchain Channel strategy for an OPEN BUY  , the 4 hour triggered in on the 21st ... Read More »

TRADE CAD / CHF Open – Update 135 Pips


Trade update on the CAD/ CHF ,  I had entered on Friday, and price still moving in favour on the Sell position, using DNC  rules. Since open on Friday the market has seen the decline on the Canadian Dollar ( ... Read More »

TRADE 5 – OPEN Trade Update 52 pips in profit


21 st August 2013  – UPDATE Since open currently trade is 52 pips in profit, and i have entered on 1 hour, moved the stop loss up to reduce risk for this trade .I m expecting some more downward move ... Read More »



  With  reference to the previous post of this pair , I had moved my entry point and entered now on this at 1.4630 as its a valid  DNC entry  with a stop at 1.4439 giving a Stop loss of ... Read More »

Trade 7 – Pending EURO / AUD 1 HR DNC Strategy – Pending Order Cancelled


Euro / AUD  been one of my favorite pairs, however previously the Australian Dollar was very strong, and Euro was weak. Now its about taking advantage of the strength and weakness, where we see the opposite. After doing the strong ... Read More »