Friday, January 19, 2018
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Aussie 200

Trade Entry : CFD 1 hr AUD200 Ichimoku


Trade Entry : CFD 1 hr AUD200 Ichimoku   Using the Ichimoku Trading System 3 lots opened using the the Ultra Conservative Entry       The Trading Tigers introduces a complete educational program, tailor made for the beginner, intermediate ... Read More »


The Trading Tigers

VIDEO : CFD 1Hr using Japanese  ICHIMOKU System Watch the analysis on the video , for Live trading, placing Stop, and possible entries using the Japanese ICHIMOKU System analyzing the CFD  of Indices, Metals, and Energies on the 1 hour ... Read More »

Analysis AUD 200 Trade Entry Pending – Donchian Channel Strategy


Analysis AUD 200 Trade Entry Pending – Donchian Channel Strategy    Using the Donchian Channel Strategy,  the 16th December 2013, price hit the bottom DNC -Donchian Channel, and progressed to the top  channel hitting it 27th December 2013, not able ... Read More »

Trade AUD 200 Update- Alternative Count – Elliott Wave Strategy


Trade AUD 200 Update-  Alternative Count –  Elliott Wave Strategy 4 Trades taken  using the Elliott Wave analysis, on the top Australian 200 companies.   16th September  1lot  opened at 5250   gained 53  profit =£30.85 4th October   1lot ... Read More »

Analysis AUD 200 Using Donchian Channels Strategy


Analysis AUD 200 Using Donchian Channels Strategy  Currently the main index, measuring the Australian Economy Currently using Elliott wave, already placed in several positive trades. Currently a set up occurred with the Donchian Channel Strategy on the 1 hour. Triggered ... Read More »

15,19,20,21 Trade Update AUD200 Elliott Wave Strategy


15,19,20,21 Trade Update AUD200 Elliott Wave Strategy The trades on the AUSTRALIAN 200 – The top 200 companies in Australia which track the status for the Australian Economy. All the above trades taken using the Elliott wave Analysis, for entering ... Read More »

Trade 15,20,21,22 update Elliott Wave Strategy AUD200


AUD 200 Elliott Wave Strategy. 4 trades had been open : Trade 15 –  1 lot on 17th September  Profits = 70.11 pips Trade 20 – 1 lot on 7th October =82 pips Trade 21 – 1 lot on 7th ... Read More »

Trade Entries 19,20 & 21 AUD 200


Trade Entries  19,20 & 21 AUD 200  3 trades taken on the AUD 200 , using Elliott wave analysis, which had done previously before entry occurred. Taking from the monthly chart and point zero at March 9th 2009 low . ... Read More »

Trade Entry 19 – AUD 200 Elliott Wave


Trade Entry 19 – AUD 200 Elliott Wave  Adding to existing trades on the AUD 200 – Australian Indice, using Elliott Wave Analysis,took the entry at 5152, Long , the technical analysis had given signal for a long entry , ... Read More »

Trade 15 – AUD 200


AUD 200 – Elliott Wave Analysis Using Elliott Wave Analysis, on the AUD 200 on the daily time frame, taking from the low of March 2009, following the wave counts as the Red being the primary wave count , price ... Read More »