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AUDUSD Analysis on Daily Chart June 8 2014

AUDUSD Daily Chart 8 June 2014

  AUDUSD on the daily chart has a possibly a few high probable set-ups. First, we can see that price in a bear channel and current around the top of the channel. More than likely we can see price topple ... Read More »

USDRUB Bearish Set-up on Daily Chart

USDRUB Daily Chart June 5 2014

USDRUB on the daily chat is showing bearish signs. Price has been forming lower highs since a few months. This looks like another pull back @78.6% Fibonacci retracement. The last candle has seen a good sell off and looks like ... Read More »

Gold (XAUUSD) in a Triangle on Daily Chart

Gold (XAUUSD) Divergence - Daily Chart May 26 2014

Gold(XAUUSD) on he Daily Chart is holding at a major support level and forming a Triangle. With a very strong support between 1285-1257 area there has be not much of movement since the past week, just choppy price action. And ... Read More »

EURUSD holding at a Support zone

EURUSD Daily Chart May 12 2014

  EURUSD on the daily chart above, is holding at a key support zone between 1.3800 and 1.3850. The overall daily trend is bullish as we can see from higher highs and higher lows. Today the price action has been ... Read More »

EURUSD Resistance around 1.3750

EURUSD Resistance around 1.3750 Daily Chart

EURUSD on the daily chart above shows strong resistance around the 1.3750 area. Price has been unable to break this level since a week now and, just gets rejected every time it reaches this zone. There is a great war ... Read More »

UKOil Daily Chart Update 23 Feb 2014

UKOil Daily Chart Feb 23 2014 Chart 1 of 1

UKOil above on the daily chart is at the top of the wedge. Price in he past has been rejected over and over again. Price has been making lower highs and higher lows hence making a triangle pattern and squeezing ... Read More »

Analysis GBP / USD Head and Shoulders Pattern -20 year Pattern


Analysis  GBP / USD   Head and Shoulders Pattern -20 year Pattern    Analysis for the British Pound Sterling against the United States Dollar. Although  positive news for  GPB in the  past 6 month, with the rally moved higher, however ... Read More »

Analysis : Euro / USD Daily Support & Resistance -Donchian Channel


Analysis : Euro /  USD Daily Support & Resistance   Using the MTFA – Multi Time Frame Analysis, all time frames, weekly , daily, 4 hour, 1 hour are all above the 200 Simple Moving Average, and are all in ... Read More »

Weekly Update : GOLD


Weekly Update : GOLD  Current price of GOLD , 1253 as of Fridays closing price. Gold could see some up turn as we take a look at each time frame for a better perspective . From the monthly chart, the ... Read More »

Analysis : GBP / USD Support & Resistance


Analysis  :  GBP / USD Support & Resistance The Analysis, for British Pound Sterling, against the United States Dollar From the weekly chart 13th August 2011 high to 28th December 2013 high, gives the resistance line at 1.66081  . The ... Read More »